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please comment if you are interested!! [Mar. 19th, 2009|01:04 pm]
The Saitou Takumi X Aoyagi Ruito Fan Community


hi... first of all this is not a rumour.

My far friend works with Johnnys and she got interested in opening a magazin, similar to the other JE magazins, but it will be in two languages, English and Japanese.
The magazine is planed to be totally legal and with the full cooporation from johnny`s and other big agencies.

JE and other big stars such as Gackto,Saito Takumi,etc are very interested in that kind of thing...
BUT,they would want to know first how much foreing people would buy it.

It would cost 1000 yen.
The number of readers overseas should be above 1,000. If it wont be,the project will be canceled.

The magazin is planned to be every 3 month during one year (meanig this project will have only 4 issues. a special kind of cooporation between big agnecies to become more nternational).
There would be interviews put on both english and japanese, readers question corner (foreign readers will be able get answers from their idols, poster and a lot more about japanese celebrities (including kat-tun and other johnnys,jrock stars and internatinal stars).

I am not joking about it. I know that now that person is making a research on how many fans johnny`s and other big names has overseas and if it worth to make this project.
That person doesnt know that I post here,but if I get many replies I will send it to her.

The ones who know me here should know I am not joking with things like this.

So, I ask EVERYONE who would buy it please comment or message me in private.
It is very important. And as soon as possible.
Thank you!

PLEASE NO REPOSTING THIS INFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!