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The Saitou Takumi X Aoyagi Ruito Fan Community
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Welcome to SaiRui; a Livejournal community dedicated to Saitou Takumi and Aoyagi Ruito! Anyone and everyone is allowed to join, but please remember to follow the rules.

→ 1. This community is slash/yaoi-friendly; mentions of male x male stuff will definitely make their way here, so if that isn't your cuppa, I suggest you turn back now.

→ 2. Respect is a key factor here. Acts of rudeness shall not be tolerated. A warning will be given before repeat offenders are kicked out.

→ 3. No l33t speak, please. Also, no typing text-message style If possible, let's type out full words. It's not that hard, right? ^^;

→ 4. Anything and everything to do with Saitou Takumi and Aoyagi Ruito (be it individually or as a couple/pair) is welcome to be posted. However, please friends-lock all media posts. Also, please put anything large or lengthy, under a lj-cut.
☆What are considered media? Pictures, videos...

→ 5. Have fun! ^^

If you have any questions/problems/concerns, please feel free to contact any of the mods.

Saitou Takumi & Aoyagi Ruito
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